Friday, November 30, 2012

2013 Fairy Tales Retold Reading Challenge


Sorry it’s so big! I’m just soooooo excited!
Have you heard the news? The Fairy Tales Retold Challenge is coming back! And this year it's gonna be a whole lot better! Last year I was a horrible host, but I had fun nonetheless. This year I'm hoping to be a whole lot more involved, with mini-challenges, discussion posts, giveaways, and much more!

Here are the deets:
  • The challenge starts on January 1st, and ends December 31st
  • The goal of the read-a-thon is to read as many fairy tale retellings as possible. These are the different levels:
    • Cobbler: 1-3 books
    • Lady in Waiting: 4-6 books
    • Fierce Ogre: 7-9 books
    • Damsel in Distress: 10-12 books
    • Evil Enchantress: 13-15 books
    • Great and Terrible Beast: 16+ books
  • This challenge is only for Young Adult and Middle Grade retellings. No adult or picture books count towards this challenge.
  • Both straight retellings and “original” fairy tales count. As long as you think it counts as an “original” fairy tale, then it counts! For a better idea, you can check out my Goodreads shelf of over 200 eligible books. 
  • Have fun and spread the word!
And since I love you so much, here’s a premade post you just need to copy, paste and tweak to fit your individual goals.
Or if you'd prefer, you can write your own post (but remember to grab the button!)
And finally, here’s the sign up linky!


  1. Awesome! I am in! I will fill out the official link thing and make my official post when I am less tired though. ;)

    And I enjoyed the challenge this year!

  2. I like this-- I plan to be a Fierce Ogre wth 7-9 books!

  3. Thanks for hosting this again Debz! This is one of the challenges I completed this year, and I had a lot of fun! I'll be signing up for it later this month.

  4. OH, I LOVE IT! I'm going to participate of course :D Fairytales (L)

  5. Thanks for hosting! I love fairy tales and am thoroughly excited to participate. :)

    Oh, and Merry Christmas!

  6. I have a question! Does it have to be a fairytale or can it be a retelling in general? like Splintered and The Madman's Daughter are both retellings in general but not like SCARLET by Marissa Meyer which is a little red riding hood fairytale re-telling.

  7. It's technically just supposed to be fairy tale retellings, but feel free to bend it if you'd like to include more books. If you check my Goodreads account, I have an extremely thorough list of fairy tale retellings you could look through. Everything on their counts towards the challenge. Whatever works best for you!

  8. I'll come in at Lady In Waiting, but I'll probably bump it up later this year. :) I'll post what books I read as I read them. This one is awesome!

  9. I'm in. Starting at Level 1 (Cobbler).

  10. Oh dear, I accidentally signed up for last year's challenge by mistake.... ok, mistake rectified!

    This looks really fun!


  11. Thanks so much for offering the challenge. :) It has been awhile so I am looking forward to reading more retellings.

  12. Yay! I'm SO excited for this challenge. Fairy tales are my favorite and there are A LOT I need to read right now. :) I'm signing up to be a Great and Terrible Beast! :D

  13. Is there somewhere to link up our reviews for this challenge? Sorry, I can't seem to find it.

    1. Oh, I completely forgot to add that I'll be posting a link-up at the end of every month! Thanks for checking!

  14. How fun! I want to do it too! :)
    I'm just out the door now, but I'll post on my blog about it tomorrow. I'm so excited!

  15. I'd like to aspire to be a Great and Terrible Beast

  16. Hi Debz,

    I have a question - if I read the Ever After High prequels, does each book count? They're all less than 10 pages long, so I don't know if it's too short.


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