Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Goals and Changes!

2012 was full of ups and downs. Some months I would do great, reading dozens of books and posting every day. And others I’d read maybe two books (I’m looking at you, March and December) and post horribly inconsistently. I’m really hoping I can get more consistent this year.

On Goodreads, I’ve set my 2013 goal at 85 books, just above last years goal of 80 books (which I just barely missed!) And according to my calculator, if I read just 7 books a month, I should reach my goal. Doesn’t sound too hard, right?

I’m going to be changing up my review format a little bit. I’ll be including info like publisher, release date, and source. I’m also going to include recommendations of similar books, a quick cover analysis, and a content rating.

I’m going to be more consistent with memes (hopefully). I’ll be scheduling Top Ten Tuesday and Wishing on Wednesday ahead of time, and my book haul, now to be titled Magical Monday (gosh, how many times have I changed it?) will, of course, be taking place of Mondays, since I’ve realized how difficult it is for me to post on Sundays.

And the change I’m most excited about is the introduction of a new feature:

Fairy Tale Friday!

I’m really excited about this one. One of my goals this year was to read a fairy tale every single day, but then I wasn’t sure how to share the fun with my blog readers. And thus Fairy Tale Friday was born! I’ll be using it to spotlight the fairy tales I’ve read that week, and occasionally I might invite authors and bloggers to share their favorite fairy tales as well. Sound fun? I though so!


  1. Hallo Debz :)
    Those sound like great changes! I especially like the idea of recommendations for similar books, I might just have to borrow said idea :) And oooh, I really look forward to Fairy Tale Friday! Does the first one start this Friday?

    Happy New Year!

  2. I love the Fairy Tale idea, I'll make sure to stop by on Fridays! ;)

  3. I'm really excited for Fairy Tale Friday!! I want to read the original fairy tales. This sounds like a fun way to do it!

  4. You're making some really great changes, it seems! I had a ton of inconsistency in 2012 too, and I hope to be more regular and get a nice schedule going. But I'm really excited for Fairy Tale Friday! I'm especially excited to see what the authors have to say. =)

    Good luck, and happy new year! <3

  5. Fairy Tale Friday sounds awesome! I am looking forward to it!

  6. SO excited for Fairy Tale Friday! Sounds like a GREAT idea. I love fairy tales so much. <3 Can't wait to see what you do with this!

  7. I'm so looking forward to Fairy Tale Friday. I love fairytales <3


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