Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #17: Bookish Goals for 2013!

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This weeks topic is… Bookish/Bloggish Goals For 2013!

10. Read 85 books

Last year I just barely missed my goal of 80 books, but that’s thanks to circumstances I couldn’t control, so I think I’ll be able to surpass that goal this year.

9. Schedule memes ahead of time

I never schedule memes ahead of time. Ever. I usually write them the morning of, even though ideally I’d have them go up in the middle of the night. Notice what time this post went up? That means I actually scheduled it!

8. Finish Les Miserables

I started reading it a week or two before the movie came out, with my head filled with delusions that I’d finish before the movie. Hahaha. I’m still only 40% of the way through, but considering that it’s 1400 pages, that’s not too shabby!

7. Read every single day

I struggle with this a lot. There are some days when reading sounds like a chore, even though once I start reading, I’m in love with it all over again. I just have to remember that. And now that I have a pretty little Kindle, reading anytime at all is a lot more convenient.

6. Finish reviews within a week of finishing the book

This was a goal last year, too. Except I still have books from October that I need to review. Whoops! But I’m getting better at drafting reviews once I finish the book.

5. Empty my TBR Shelf

Last time I counted, I had 49 books sitting on my TBR shelf (and subsequent piles), and only one of those was a 2013 ARC. By the end of 2013, I want every single one of those books off of that shelf, so that there’s room for some newcomers.

4. Reach out to publishers

Even though I’ve been blogging for nearly two years, I’m still a rather small blog, and I’m really quiet. I’ve only requested a handful of ARC’s, which have usually been received, but most often they’ve been smaller titles. Here’s to change in 2013!

3. Comment!

Like I said above, I’m really quiet. Once upon a time I was a great commenter, leaving dozens of comments everyday and replying to the comments left on my blog. But not so much any more. I read tons of posts, and usually bookmark them to comment on later, but now I have bookmarks that have been there for months…

2. Read a fairy tale a day

This is a kind of random goal of mine. I already explained it in my 2013 changes post. The most exciting part of all this is that I’m starting a new feature in which I’ll be spotlighting the hidden gems I find.

1. Complete a reading challenge (that I’m not hosting)

In 2012, I signed up for about 8 challenges. I completed 2. One was my own. This year I’ve signed up for the same amount of challenges. But this year I really tried to choose carefully, and so hopefully I’ll be able to finish most of them!

What are your bookish goals?


  1. Great goals! Commenting more and keeping up with reviews are on my list too. I have a feeling they always will be.

  2. I am trying to stay on top of the weekly memes. I started My Top Ten yesterday but didn't get it finised up until today. Good goal to have--I hope I can accomplish it too. :)

    Love your goals!

  3. I always see all those neat challenges floating around, but I'm loathe to sign up for any (other than the Goodreads I will read this many books challenge) because I'm afraid *needing* to read something will burn me out on whatever that challenge is about.

  4. Great goals. I hope to get to Les Miserables soon and that I'll be able to finish them as well, they're LONG! :D

    My TTT

  5. Very nice goals for this year. I should have added "Comment More" on my list, too, since I suffer from the same problem that you've had with bookmarking them to comment on later. Hopefully, we'll both be able to achieve our goals this year. :) Good luck!

  6. Oooo, I love your idea of reading a fairytale a day! I might try something similar. Maybe read a fairytale a week! Such a good idea.

    good luck on your goals :)

  7. Scheduling posts is something I'm working on because it's sooooo much less stressful. I'd also love to make a point of spending at least 30 minutes reading every day, but it can be hard when you're busy and tired at the end of the day!

    And I need to work on writing reviews after I finish books too! That's a goal I should add to my own list! Good one!

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

  8. Awesome goals! I'm actually expecting to read fewer books this year, due to various life circumstances, but I hope to read a good amount just the same. I think I have my Goodreads challenge at 90, so we're pretty close!

    Finishing reviews soon after reading is also a good idea. Sometimes so long passes that even my notes can't help me come up with something decent to write about!

  9. 5 is such a hard thing to do!! Seriously, it just keeps adding up and adding up! Anyway, good luck!:)

    My Goals for 2013
    Waiting on Wednesday


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