Friday, February 22, 2013

Fairy Tale Friday--NOT!

You know how on Wednesday I was talking about how I'm restarting Fairy Tale Friday? Well I have to take a rain check. I had a cool post all planned out, but then I ended up spending most of Thursday in the ER for dehydration and strep. Once I got home all I could think about was my pillow. I slept for about 18 hours, and woke up to find my mom needed my laptop for something and won't be returning it until this evening. Since that has my drafts on it, and the "family" computer is dreadfully slow (I'm sending this from my Kindle via email), I'll be postponing Fairy Tale Friday until next week. See you then!

(And now I'm going back to sleep)


  1. Being sick is the worst. Drink your fluids and feel better soon!

  2. OH NO! I hope you feel better really soon! D: Fairy Tale Friday sounds like an awesome feature though so I'm definitely excited for next week! :)


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