Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fairy Tale Read-a-Thon 2.0 Sign Ups!


You read that right. Time for another Fairy Tale Read-a-Thon! This time it’ll be happening from Saturday March 9th to Saturday March 16th. That means 8 days of non-stop fairy tale goodness! But the fun doesn’t end there, because starting on March 24th Misty and Bonnie will be hosting Fairy Tale Fortnight, where they’ll be talking nonstop about fairy tales (I may have possibly planned this Read-a-Thon around Fairy Tale Fortnight…)

The Read-a-Thon will start at 12:01 AM on March 9th and end at 11:59 PM on March 16th. The goal is to read as many fairy tale books as possible. Whether you’re a long-time reader of fairy tale retellings, or you’re completely new to the genre, you’re guaranteed to have a blast! If you can’t participate every single day, we’d still love to have you!

There’s no limit to what can count for the Read-a-Thon. Any book you think falls into the “fairy tale-ish” category gets the thumbs up from me! If you aren’t sure what books you want to read, I’ve got you covered; I have a list of over 200 fairy tale books on Goodreads. Odds are that you’ve heard of at least a few of them (:

Like last time, I’m planning on mini-challenges and giveaways everyday of the read-a-thon, but since I’m not that creative or rich, I’m reaching out to you for help. If you’re interested in hosting a mini-challenge or giveaway (or both), either email me directly or fill out one of the forms (which I’ve linked to below).

Mini-Challenge Hosting Form

Giveaway Hosting Form

So what are you waiting for? SIGN UP! And then spread the word, because the more the merrier!


  1. I think I'm going to pass on this one!

  2. Perhaps you can delete number 3, because I submitted the wrong link. I'm going to participate, of course :D

  3. I'm in! I would love to host a challenge, but I'm also not very creative, but I do have some money to spare so I'll gladly host a giveaway!

  4. I'm in, thanks for hosting :) I have a few fairy tale re-tellings I've been meaning to get to :D

  5. Better late then never :P I just joined :)
    Great theme of a read-a-thon

  6. Though I didn't sign up (I was out of internet connection for the past week), I did participate! I only got the chance to read one book around my crazy schedule, but it was great! I will definitely fully participate if you ever decide to do this again. ;)

    I read Princess of the Silver Woods. My review should be up within the day. :)

    ~ Lynette @ Escaping Reality – One Book at a Time


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