Wednesday, February 6, 2013

(Unofficial) {Blog Tour} Rapunzel Untangled in GIFs

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This isn’t an “official” blog tour post, but it’s a post I wanted to write, so I figured I might as well post it the same time as my blog tour review. Plus the banner is super cute!

You read that right! I’m going to summarize the awesome book Rapunzel Untangled using only GIFs (with a few exceptions). But not just any GIFs…Tangled GIFs*!

In order to allow my homepage to not crash from a GIF overdose, you’ll have to click that pesky Read More thing once you’re done reading this bit. It’s worth it, though!

*I don’t own a single one of these images. The images all belongs to Disney and credit for the GIF’s goes to their original creators.

Once Upon a Time…

There was this baby with freakishly long hair.

That’s it. Now fast forward about 18 years, and you find this:

Rapunzel, a teenage girl who has lived in the same room her whole life with no one to talk to but her mother, who just kind of talks about a prophecy that she won’t explain and how Rapunzel can’t go outside because she’ll die.

(Fun, huh?)

Rapunzel doesn’t have anything to do all day, so she creates a Facebook account.

And the first thing she does is find this guy named “Fab Fane Flannigan” and add him as a friend.

I know this is Tumblr, but I couldn’t resist (:

He’s just kind of like:


(Pretend that’s a guy^^)

And Rapunzel’s response is kind of like:

Facebook Chat


And thus begins her secret internet relationship with a total stranger. But soon he wants to come visit.

And even though you’re not supposed to meet up with people you meet on the internet, they do that anyway.


Well, not quite like that. More like this:

Luckily Gothel has no clue what’s going on in Rapunzel’s life, and even when Rapunzel wants to have a heart to heart,

Gothel isn’t very useful.

But now that Rapunzel has a (rather attractive) peek into the outside world,

she decides to go on some adventures with the Fab Fane Flannigan.

Now, I don’t want to spoil the whole book for you, so instead I will leave you with GIF’s that will leave you guessing and dying to read it for yourselves!



Now you really want to read it, huh?

Lucky for you, there’s this blog tour giveaway that you should enter, because there are tons of cool prizes

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  1. It sounds great!

  2. Ok, so I pretty much LOL'd so hard when I saw this. I'm a die-hard Tangled fan, and just reading this makes me want to watch the movie again (thank goodness I have it on DVR ;)). But I'm definitely intrigued by this book now, and I guess I'll have to check it out!

    Thanks for sharing, Debz! <3

  3. Awesome Review Deb. I really love Tangled and these gifs are an awesome way to explain the book although it is totally different from Tangled.


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