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{Blog Tour} Rose by Holly Webb: Author Interview


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Thanks to Sourcebooks and Holly for this opportunity!

I’m in the middle of Rose right now, and so while there won’t be a review today, I’ll be sharing an exclusive interview with Holly! And I will say that so far, Rose has been above and beyond my expectations!

Interview With Holly Webb

RoseWhere did the idea for ROSE come from?

My editor, Kirsty, suggested that I write a book about how someone becomes magical. Her one request was that there should be no talking cats in it. I completely failed on that bit… But the London atmosphere comes from a love of novels like A Little Princess, which is one of my favourite books.

At what point did you know you wanted to be a writer?

It happened accidentally. I used to work for a children’s publisher, and I came up with a book idea in an editorial meeting. I was supposed to suggest it to someone else, but I loved it too much to give it away.

What piece of advice would you offer to aspiring writers?

Read – everything you can get your hands on, even if you don’t like it. If you can work out why you don’t like it, that’s very useful. And never throw an idea away.

RoseWhat were your favorite books as a child?

A Little Princess, as I mentioned above, and also The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The Narnia books, particularly The Horse and His Boy. The talking horse, Bree, had a big influence on Gus, I think.

Favorite fairy tale and why?

Cinderella, because I had a Ladybird book (children’s early reader series) of the story, where Cinderella doesn’t go to just one ball, but three. I can remember exactly the three different dresses she wore, pink, blue and white. I loved it – it just shows how powerful illustrations can be.


Holly Webb is a bestselling author in the UK with her books Lost in the Snow and Lost in the Storm. As a child growing up in London, Holly fell in love with stories from Ancient Greek myths, which led to studying Latin and Greek and eventually reading Classics at University. She worked for five years as a children's fiction editor, before deciding to become a writer. The Rose books stem from a childhood love of historical novels, and the wish that animals really could talk. She lives in Reading with her husband and three small children. Visit Holly at




  1. This book looks cute! I'm looking forward to your review. I love her list of favorite childhood books! Those are good ones!


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