Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fairy Tale Read-a-Thon Day 5 + Book Poetry Mini Challenge

Fairy Tale Read-a-Thon at Debz Bookshelf 
It’s already Thursday! Where has the time gone? I for one have no idea. Hopefully this week has been great for all of you so far.

mini challenge 4

I am not a fan of poetry at all. Something about it gives me a headache. But one type of “poetry” that I love is Book Spine Poetry. I think we did this as a challenge last time as well, but I figured its always a fun challenge, and fairy tale novels tend to have the best titles ever! And so that is the challenge. Using only the titles of fairy tale novels (whatever your definition may be) come up with a poem. If you need help, I have hundreds of titles to choose from!
Now, here’s mine!
Or if you’d prefer to read it as plain text, here you go:

Strands of Bronze and Gold
Kill Me Softly
Beastly, Cruel Beauty
A Curse Dark as Gold
The Sweetest Spell, Poison
Shadows on the Moon
Ice, Snow
Cold Spell
A Long, Long Sleep

Now, I want to see what you come up with! Share your poems and progress below!

Don't forget to tweet with the hashtag #FairyTaleThon throughout the Read-a-Thon

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