Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Resolutions!

I really hadn’t thought at all about resolutions up until I realized it was 11:56 on New Years Eve, and so I took the next four minutes to reflect on the past year, and what I wanted to change or improve about the next year.

So here are some goals that I’m setting for myself, which I’m going to work hard to accomplish!


1. Read more frequently

Lately I haven’t been much of a reader and I’ve missed that. I really do love it, and I would like to do it more often. This year I missed my goal by six books that I could’ve easily squeezed in, but I’m determined to reach my goal of 80 books this year, and I won’t let anything get in my way!

2. Review more consistently

Just in case you’re curious, out of the 79 books I read this year, I reviewed 37. 37. How pathetic is it that I reviewed less than half? I’m doing my best to catch up quickly so I can focus on 2014 books, but it’ll take some time.

3. Be a better challenge host

In the past, I’ve done a fairly good job of keeping on top of things. For the first month or two. This year I’m trying hard to do better. Hopefully the whole quarterly thing will help so that it isn’t so overwhelming.

4. Grow my blog

This is something that I’ve really gotten stuck on in the past. I know that in the end numbers don’t matter, but numbers are nice, and I’ve been blogging for nearly three years without the numbers to show for it. Instead, I have a handful of amazing friends, who I wouldn’t trade for anything.

5. Explore new genres

Lately I’ve been interested in reading some books in less familiar genres, mainly literary fiction and YA contemporary. And beyond those, I want to be more spontaneous and adventurous.

Other goals of mine, which didn’t make it into the graphic!

  • Keep up with challenges
  • More giveaways
  • More commenting


1. Be healthier

I’ve always had a thing for chocolate, and as a result I’m a teensy bit rounder than I want to be. I’m comfortable in my own skin, but I want to work hard to be healthier for all the other benefits. I really enjoy jogging, and I don’t like most junk food, so I think if I just make a little bit more of an effort, I can succeed!

2. Get back into theatre

I love musical theatre so much, but I haven’t actually performed in at least five years. If you haven’t heard, I’m moving, and so I’m hoping that will provide me with the opportunity to find a new community theater to participate in!

3. Get a job

Money has never been a huge deal to me, and I’m naturally pretty thrifty, but things like books and college sort of cost money. And more money than I get from babysitting twice a month.

4. Run a 5k

Going along with being healthier, I want to start seriously running again, and hopefully get to the point where I can do a 5k! I’ve never done one, but I’ve heard that they’re really hard and really fun!

5. Time management!

I am so horrible at managing time and keeping up with everything that life throws at me, so that’s one of my biggest goals of 2014. If I can learn to manage time better, pulling off all of this other crazy stuff will be so much easier!

Those are my goals, but what are yours? Let me know in the comments!


  1. These are wonderful goals! I'm with you on the reviews, I always struggle with this. I do good for the first half of the year, but as soon as summer hits, I get kind of lazy. Good luck!

    1. Yeah, last year I got stuck around May and never caught up. Good luck to you, too!

  2. What great goals! I'm rooting for you to keep all these up this year :) believe me when I say I know how the whole reviewing less than you read thing goes :P Let's just say 2013 was not my best blogging year. I have very similar goals to you for this upcoming year hoping to get my rear in gear (in both blogging and exercising :D )

    And I commend you on getting healthier. I'm actually trying to get up to running a 5k also. My sister-in-law told me about an app called "c25k" which stands for "couch to 5k" which me and my mom are working on. You workout 3 days a week for 8 weeks. You do a 5 minute warm-up then alternate between a 90 second walk and a 60 second run for a total of 30 minutes. As you progress, the time spent running increases until you are running 3 miles! I'm only on week one but I'm enjoying it so far :) You can listen to your music and everything while running and it'll speak to you via your headphones when it's time to run, walk, or cool-down. I don't know if you're interested but I just wanted to let you know :)

    Good luck on all your goals! I have faith in you! And good luck with your move. I know how hectic that can be!

    All the best ♥
    Mackenzie @ Oh, For the Love of Books!

    1. Thanks you for the support! I've actually seen several variations of c25k floating around, especially on Pinterest. Last Summer I got halfway through a program, but then things got busy in the Fall and I never finished it. I'm hopeful that at the very least I can start something. Good luck with all your goals!

  3. I'm also trying to get more exercise. When I'm lazy like now, it's hard to get started, but once I'm in a good mood I always feel happier and healthier. I hope you can manage to review more, but keep in mind that it doesn't need to feel like a task :D You must enjoy it too!

    1. I know what it's like to struggle to get motivated. Once you get started it's so easy! Good luck!
      So far catching up on reviews has been fun, so hopefully I won't lose momentum any time soon. As long as I don't push myself, I think I can finish. Thanks for the advice!

  4. Good list! I also want to read and review more frequently! While I do review all the books I read, I'm working on reading and reviewing more efficiently, that way I have more time to fit in other books! Good luck!


    1. It's so hard to fit in all the books you want to read! Good luck!

  5. Great goals! Good luck with all of them, and I hope you have a magical 2014!

  6. These are all wonderful goals! I should probably aim for some of them myself! (But not the running. Running bores me. Sorry!)

    1. But you can listen to audiobooks while you run! I only made it through Jane Eyre because of running. Unless audiobooks aren't your thing, of course.

      But if my peer pressure doesn't work, then I hope you have an amazing year remaining stationary!


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