Saturday, April 19, 2014

Book Review: Infinite by Jodi Meadows

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Release Date: January 28th, 2014
Genre: YA Fantasy
Source: Library
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The Year of Souls begins with an earthquake—an alarming rumble from deep within the earth—and it’s only the first of greater dangers to come. The Range caldera is preparing to erupt. Ana knows that as Soul Night approaches, everything near Heart will be at risk.

Ana’s exile is frightening, but it may also be fortuitous, especially if she can convince her friends to flee Heart and Range with her. They’ll go north, seeking answers and allies to stop Janan’s ascension. And with any luck, the newsouls will be safe from harm’s reach.

The oldsouls might have forgotten the choice they made to give themselves limitless lifetimes, but Ana knows the true cost of reincarnation. What she doesn’t know is whether she’ll have the chance to finish this one sweet life with Sam, especially if she returns to Heart to stop Janan once and for all.

With gorgeous romance and thrilling action, the final book in the Incarnate trilogy offers a brilliant conclusion to the compelling questions of this fascinating world, where one new girl is the key to the lives of millions.

This is an amazing trilogy set in one of the most unique, fantastical world that I, an avid fantasy reader, have ever encountered. A blend of past, present, and future, in an alternate universe, the world building is the first thing that pulled me into this beautiful series. Right from the start, there are so many questions that you’re dying to have answered. The thing is, at the end of both Incarnate and Asunder, readers had even larger lists of questions than when they started. Finally, in Infinite, we’re given answers to every. single. question!

Beyond all the answers that add to the world-building, there’s also a lot more world-exploring! Ana is no longer in the city, but venturing out in search of all these answers. Thus far we’ve learned a lot about the world, but being immersed in this world made it so much more interesting and exciting. Dragons in theory are terrifying enough, but being face to face with one is another entirely.

I especially loved the romance in this book, because it build so well on the previous books. Ana and Sam’s relationship is slow and steady, something rarely found in YA. And more than that, I love the fact that there’s a sort of authenticity to their relationship. It doesn’t feel shallow like most romances I encounter. It’s realistic and complicated and sweet. They have amazing chemistry and they are completely devoted, but they still have problems which they work through.

I love the symbolism in this series. First butterflies, then roses, and now phoenix feathers. Phoenixes are symbolic of rebirth, which is a large part of this series. Phoenixes also play a super important (secret!) role in the entire series, which is explained finally in this book. Music also has an important place in these books, and as a musician, I love how beautifully it is woven into the actual plot, as well as the role it plays thematically.

An epic conclusion to a fantastical series, Infinite delivers on every front and leaves readers satisfied.

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  1. I still haven't read this series! and it has such high ratings everywhere, you all love it, I must start it soon :)

    88dreamers @ Seriesly Reading


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