Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fairy Tale Fortnight Kick-off!


Hope you’re having an amazing Easter however you choose to celebrate!

And now, it’s time to switch gears and celebrate one of my other favorite things: fairy tales! Fairy Tale Fortnight and I go way back. I was an innocent, brand-new blogger when I discovered it in its first year, and I think without it I probably would’ve quit blogging. I met a ton of bloggers and learned about so many new books. It was amazing! I’ve participated in some capacity every year since, and it’s usually the highlight on my blogging year.

HUGE shout-out to Bonnie and Misty, who have worked so, so hard on this event, which I’m sure is going to be amazing!

I’ve got so many things planned. I have a ton of book (and movie) reviews planned, a discussion or two, and general funness planned. Since I love collages and I finally figured out PicMonkey, here’s a little sneak preview of what to expect:

PicMonkey Collage

Are you participating in Fairy Tale Fortnight?
(Hint: only one acceptable answer: YES!)

What are you most looking forward to this FTF?


  1. I love fairy tale fortnight. I figured I would have some reviews ready, but I haven't been reading too many fairy tales. I'm hoping to get one finished and posted during the timeline though.

    1. I have the opposite problem. I have at least 20 books to review, some of them left overs from LAST Fairy Tale Fortnight! Hope you read some great books and enjoy the fun!

  2. What a fun event. I could use more fairy tale recommendations. I hope you will share this with my readers and up to 3 posts on my #SmallVictoriesSunday #linky open now.

    1. This is THE event for finding fairy tale recommendations. They usually feature upwards of 60 different books on their blogs!

  3. I always forget Fairy Tale Fortnight and coming, so end up being a spectator rather than a participant, but it's always so much fun! I'm looking forward to all your posts!

    1. Spectating is still super fun. Hope you enjoy the festivities!


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