Saturday, April 26, 2014

Discussing Into the Woods… (Part One)

Into_the_Woods_posterI was going to have a cheesy, dramatic opening paragraph, but then I decided to just cut to the chase. Into the Woods is the most brilliant story to grace the Broadway stage in the history of forever (sorry Les Mis!) It tells the stories of our favorite fairy tale characters, interweaving their individual stories into a beautiful mess of magic. But it's not really about the fairy tales. It examines the power of making decisions, and their subsequent consequences. It's about growing up, and relationships, and love, and power, and death, and pain, and life.

I love Stephen Sondheim (not in a weird way—he's 84!) because he understands the power of words and music. When he talks about his work it is absolutely fascinating. And the work itself is a masterpiece. Out of all of his shows, I think Into the Woods is the most universal, both in appeal and the message itself (not that we don't love Sweeney Todd, but…) The amazing thing is that each word of lyric holds so much meaning.

broadway buttonHonestly I'm doing a horrible job describing them, and I CAN'T FIND A GOOD VIDEO ON YOUTUBE, so instead I'm FORCING you to go to Netflix and watch it right now! Go! Then come back two and a half hours later to thank me.

Lucky for you I'll be returning into the woods (ha ha!) at least two more times for more in depth discussions before Fairy Tale Fortnight is through. And I'll probably do so again at least twice this year as part of the Book to Broadway Challenge. Or, y'know, life.

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  1. I have heard you rave about this book before and I still haven't read it, but hopefully eventually I will read this book you think is so great.

    1. Actually, it's a play. It was inspired by The Uses of Enchantment by Bruno Bettelheim, though. And there's an out-of-print picture book that uses the libretto. I highly recommend it!

  2. Oh, is it on Netflix? ^^ Maybe I'll finally get around to seeing it, then. As a fan of both fairytales and musicals, I feel slightly schmucky for not having done so yet.

    1. Netflix has been adding some pretty amazing musicals lately. You definitely need to get around to watching it!


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