Thursday, April 3, 2014

Life of a Blogger: Handwriting


From when Novel Heartbeat first started this meme, I’ve wanted to participate, but I just couldn’t find the right moment to jump in. But now here I am! Lets hope I can make this a regular occurrence! I personally love learning about the people behind the blog, and I love talking about myself, so hopefully I’ll have fun with this meme!

This weeks topic is


Just for fun, and hopefully as an example, I’m handwriting a draft of this post so you can see what my handwriting looks like. (Unfortunately, I only had the crappiest webcam on earth available, so you probably can’t tell at all what I wrote. Luckily, it’s all in this post! (And just FYI, the font above is called Pea Memorable is pretty close to my own.))

It really varies a lot based on the situation. If I’m writing a note for somebody, it’s usually pretty neat, but if I’m taking notes of somebody talking really quickly, good luck reading it! It’s pretty loopy, but also sort of tight and small. I’m left handed, so the angle at which it is slanted changes every other word. (I’m still upset with whoever invented our writing system. They were obviously prejudice against lefties and their pinkies!)

I usually write in cursive because that’s so much faster, but for whatever reason I cannot write a cursive r or s to save my life. This is highly unfortunate as they’re some of the most frequently used letters in the English language, and so I’m significantly slowed down.

In a somewhat related note, I’m obsessed with fonts, especially cute handwriting fonts!


  1. Hey, at least you can write cursive at all haha! It's crazy that you're a leftie, I haven't known too many of those! I'm so awkward with anything that has to do with my left hand, just holding a pen with it feels wrong. I broke my right arm once and had to do everything was SO hard!
    I love cute handwriting fonts, too :)

    1. I've actually met a lot of lefties. A friend of mine did the same thing with her right arm, and I had to help her all the time. Now she's ambidextrous, though!


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