Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wishing on Wednesday: Fairy Tale Edition

Wishing on Wednesday @ Debz Bookshelf

Wishing on Wednesday is a weekly meme to feature recent and upcoming releases that I’m wishing for!

With Fairy Tale Fortnight (and the fact that I’ve been inconsistent with this meme), both this week and next I’ll be going crazy into overdrive featuring all the amazing fairy tale books being released in the coming months!









All four of these books look super amazing!
Stitching Snow is a sci-fi retelling of Snow White. Sci-fi retellings are becoming more and more popular thanks to The Lunar Chronicles, which I love. The premise sounds absolutely amazing!

The Beast Within: A Tale of Beauty’s Prince is unique in that we get to see Disney’s version of Beauty and the Beast through the eyes of the Beast. It looks really great!

The Castle Behind Thorns is by Merrie Haskell, whose books I’ve previously enjoyed. This is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, one of my favorite fairy tales, so you can bet I’m excited!

I don’t believe Stray is a direct retelling of anything, but it is inspired by several fairytales. In stalking researching the author, I learned that she loved Into the Woods. That alone is enough to make me love her and this book. (And don’t worry, the ItW raving has only just begun this FTF.)

What are you Wishing for this Wednesday?

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  1. I added these to my TBR they all look amazing. I'm especially interested in the one with the Beast. My Goodread's TBR is overflowing already with fairy tales. I'm excited that Dewey is coming up this weekend so I can knock some books out.


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