Wednesday, June 11, 2014



Hello amazing people! I know I haven't been great so far, but luckily there's plenty of Summer ahead to make up for my less than wonderful behavior. I have big plans for this blog, but before I go ahead and (almost literally) turn this blog on his head, I figured I would consult with you faithful and immensely helpful blog readers, by way of a survey!


Just click that beautiful button to be taken away to a randomly random survey that will hopefully help to build my blog into something even cooler than it already is!


  1. I took it for you. I hope you will come back to blogging soon. Youa re one of my favorite to follow.


I love comments, and I promise I read every single one. I do my best to reply to all your meaningful comments, so come back in a couple days to see if I have! And if you see that I've responded to others comments and not yours, it's just because I've been struck dumb by your awesomeness! And if you leave me a link to your blog, I'll try to stop by and comment!

This is an award and tag-free zone! I'm honored, but I don't have the time to pass it along )=

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