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I've been a blogger for almost 8 years (well, private family and personal blogs), but it wasn't until early 2011 that I decided to start a blog about books. What led to this decision? My personal blog, whose only reader (my aunt) doesn't read for fun, especially Children's and Young Adult books, and was getting bored with all the posts about books.

Several years earlier I'd discovered Shannon Hale and her books, and her blog was one of the only ones I regularly checked. As I was reading one of her posts, she mentioned a blogger who went by the name Enna Isilee, and I was intrigued. A blogger who likes Shannon Hale? Yippee! So I went to visit Enna Isilee and discovered her amazing blog Squeaky Books. And guess what... It was all about books! So I started reading her blog, where she reviewed books, chatted with authors, and even gave books away! What kind of craziness was this?

So then I decided that I would make my own blog about books! It was really only going to be a personal thing, where I'd keep track of the books I read and shared my opinions with nobody but myself. It's not like there was a whole community of book lovers who blogged and commented, right? Evidently I was wrong. I don't know exactly how, but I somehow stumbled upon Fairy Tale Fortnight, and event hosted by fairy tale loving bloggers and was a way for us fairy tale lovers to celebrate all that is fairy tale. I was excited!

From there I learned more about the blogoverse. Memes and ARC's were these mysterious things that it took me months to fully understand, and giveaways seemed so impossibly crazy. People are giving away stuff? For free? And the stuff is BOOKS? Sign me up! (And being the clueless blogger that I was, I followed every. single. blog. of a 300+ blog hop. And I didn't win anything.)

Two years later, I'm still the same fairy tale freak, but I've wised up quite a bit. I know what memes and ARC's are, and participate in/receive them on a regular basis. I host a successful reading challenge and have immersed myself in the community. My blog is still considered "small" by most standards, but I like it that way (:

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