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Princess. Big Sister. Chocolate Addict. Classical Soprano. Mormon. Quiet. Four Eyes. Homeschooled. Curly Head. Early Riser. Insomniac. Army Brat. Awkwardly tall. Night Owl. Brownie Baker. World Traveler. Harry Potter Nerd. Babysitter. Disney Expert. Freckled. Self-Taught Pianist. Time Traveler. Super Smiler. Flexitarian. INTJ. Vidigameaphobic. Not-Quite-Runner. Fairy Tale Expert. Wannabe Author. Speed-reader. YA Book Blogger. 


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  2. What a great story! :D You have quite a family there. I'm a bit jealous that you can sing so well, since I sound more like a cat being slaughtered, haha.

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  4. Cool! I love fairy tales, too (and I was homeschooled!) I also like to sing showtunes (but I'm not good at all). Your review policy page says it doesn't exist. Do you take review requests from authors?


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