I'm so grateful for the overwhelming response I've gotten after this call! But that's just what it is--overwhelming. Designs are on pause until further notice until I finish my current projects. Hopefully by early June I can open up designs requests again. Thanks in advance for understanding!

I'm testing the blog design waters right now. I will be taking clients based on personal interest, and I won't charge a dime. I'm looking for clients who primarily review YA fiction. I can only design for Blogger blogs, though I can attempt to create other elements for your blog. I am not a professional, but I have experience and passion. My designs are generally light, happy, and simplistic.

To submit your application, email me (at with the subject Design Request, and introduce me to yourself and your blog. I will reply within 48 hours with a detailed questionnaire to help me achieve your vision. It will take me 1-2 weeks from start to installation. Start time is determined by other projects in my queue. I will give you an estimate. Throughout the project I will ask for input on specifics, and I will continue to tweak things until they meet your satisfaction.

A design will include:
  • Header
  • Background
  • Grab Button
  • Social Buttons
  • Tabs/Menu (Drop down available!)
  • Personalized Fonts (more than just the generic Blogger fonts!)
  • Post Signature
  • Meme/Review Banners/Buttons
  • Rating System Graphics
  • Full Installation! 

If you're an author, I would be willing to design bookmarks, postcards, business cards, or whatever else you may want (I'd just handle the images--not the printing!), in exchange for a book or two (:

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  1. Have you started to do designs again? I would love to have you design my layout! xx


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